Fashion Show Party:)



More is coming soon:))
 See you at your Fashion Show party:)



Princess Dance Party:)






See you at your Princess Dance Party!


Princess Party:)

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See you at your Princess Party!


Happy Halloween:))

  See you at your Halloween party:)



Halloween Kid-Clop Halloween Event:)

See you at your Halloween Event:)



Max's Spiderman B day party:))

  See you at your Spiderman party:)



Noa's Ark Event, Church of Nazareth, NYC

 See you at your church's event:)



Picnic Party in the Central Park:)

 See you at your Picnic Party:)


Luna Park Party:)





 See you at your Luna Park Party:)


Music Party:)

 See you at your Music Party:)



Rapunzel  Party x 2:) in the Central Park

 Rapunzel B day girl:))

 B Day girl Rapunzel, the best friend:)


 With two happy Rapunzel:))

 See you at your Rapunzel Party:)



Flowers Picnic in the Living Room:)







Happy mom:))



See you at your Picnic Flowers Party!



Under The Tree Flowers Party:)








See you at your Under The Tree Flowers Party!


Bronx Street Party:)


See you at your Street Party!


New York, New York!...Rooftop Party:)

Beautiful sunny day:)

Perfect for Rooftop Parties:)

Here I am-between flying dolphins, 


seahorses and crabs...:)

  Doing face painting of Daniela's for her B day party:)

She decided to be kind of Sea Butterfly:)

 Happy B day Daniela!

And her best friend loves strawberries:)

Nice to see you again my little friend Jessica!:)

 Wishes are becoming truth; little butterfly for little girl,

 yellow crown for princess in pink,

 blue dolphin for little gentleman,


 little butterfly... and so on:)

 Daniela dressed up!:)
How beautiful Princess with Sea Butterfly:)

 It's a cake time!:)


New face painting is coming;
Happy, Rainbow Tiger:)


 Happy Spider man:)


 and dancing with his happy mom:)

And one more happy Spider man:)...

What a wonderful day!:)
And party!:)
Bye, bye!

Summer is coming, see you at your Rooftop Party!



Animal Party:)

Hello everybody!
Little monkey is ready for party!
After big owl left to sleep:)

Let's learn about them!

I am happy to be a part of  this very educational party, not only for kids,
but for their parents, too:)

 And of course we are doing animal face painting:)

And kangaroo is here! 

 Some very important conversation with a friend...

 And some little happy Chita:)

 With requested pink glitter!

 Happy faces... happy party:)

 Kangaroo in pretend to be mom's pocket:)

Hello Kitty is here, too:)

And some more happy faces:)


Happy B. day Charley!

What a beautiful cake!!!:)
With butterflies:)

Just for Charley-Rainbow Butterfly with unicorn:)

A smile speaks a thousand words...

 Here is a happy pose in a beautiful dress, too:)

My mission is completed:)
Happy b. day girl:), happy Dalmatian Artist!
Sorry, Dalmatian Puppy!

Yes, that is me-I am a real Dalmatian!
Google Dalmatia where I am coming from, please:)

 Pink Cabriolet is waiting!
Wait for me guys!

Let's go home!
Bye, bye!!!

See you at your Animal Party!:)


Carousel Party:)

I am ready:) 

For Carousel Party:)

And little B.Day Princess, too:)

B day girl, mom and grandma:))

And her little friends:)

See you at your Carousel Party:) 


"Make a pizza and wear your favorite costume" Party:)

 Yum, yum:)

Little pizzas are ready:)




See you at your
"Make pizza & wear your favorite costume" Party:)


Dress Up Party:)

 It's Party time:)

 Hadar turning eight:) and she decided to be a "NEXT HAPPY FACE":)
It's great to see you again Hadar!:)

 You look beautiful

as a Princess:)

Welcome to Hadar's Dress Up Party:) 

Mulan Princess is here, too.

She fills very pink and very happy:)

We have one more beautiful and happy Princess:)

Happy friends:)

Diner Lady is here, too.

She adores anything in blue.
Let's be Atlantis Underwater Diner Lady:)

 And here is one soccer lover.
So she need to fly over soccer field as an butterfly)

And here is Happy Dalmatian Puppy:)

Wow, here is Cleopatra, too:)

Hallo, Ms. Cleopatra:)

Ready for photo shoot?

 Roses, roses...

And very happy roses girl:)

Very happy B-Day girl:)

And rainbow butterfly

Snack time:)

Little drink time:)

She is simply dancer with little touch of pink and black:)

Ms. Red Sparkle:)

Happy Faces:)

Little fast butterfly for busy mom:),
just to complete happiness:)

See you at your Dress Up Party:)



Strawberry Shortcake Party:)
Isn't this the most adorable cake you've seen!? As sweet as strawberries!

The cake is almost as sweet as Jessica!

My dear little friend from Central Park:)

 Happy 5th B-Day Jessica!:)

 Her friend didn't want any strawberries-instead she choose to be the Corpse Bride:)

 Look at me!
Strawberry shortcake is here!:)

Cars on the hands are very "in":)

More strawberries:)

And more strawberries:)

 Little Hello Kitty turned 2 yesterday:)
And today she had her first face painting ever:)
Thank you:)

 We are just missing a strawberry field:)

 See you at your Strawberry Shortcake Party!:)


Double B-Day Party:)

 B-Day Girl Genesis can't wait to be a Princess:)

And she likes snow, so Snowflake Princess is just perfect choice:)
Her smile is taking for itself:)
 Her cousin, B-Day boy Chanjae knows very well what he wants to be-a Spiderman:)
There is a big smile, too:)
Grandma loves a kiss.
Here you are a special Glitter Kiss Tattoo. Waterproof for up to 7 days!
Wow, I love it:)
And I love a happy faces-we are the perfect mach:)

Love for Justin Bieber is in the house:)

And more love...:)

Look at me! Look at me!I changed!:)
OMG you are a Prince!!!
Spider man Prince!
Or King of all Spidermans!
Yea, I am King of all Spidermans!:)

 Here I am-sooo happy Snowflake Princess:)

                                        And here is my pose:) and here, too) 
                                           I see, we have a little photo shoot:) 


 And Princess dress up, too:)
How beautiful tutu dress:)

A cake time!:)

Princess and Prince are ready to make a wish:)

 Candles are coming:)

Double B-Day and three cakes:)
It's amazing to have a party together?!

Happy B-Day Chanjae & Genesis!:)
Can't wait to see you again!:)

See you at your Double Party!!!

Louise's and Henry's 4th  
Dinosaur B-Day Party:))

Everything is sooo colorful!
Green, orange, yellow...

And Dinosaurs are here!
Hallo, dinosaurs!

OMG, fun is in the house!!!

Dijana is here!
Kiss! Kiss!

OK. Let's gooo! Let's gooo!
Kids are waiting!

Hallo Louisa! Happy B-Day!!! Nice to see you again!
We are old friends- we know each other from Central Park:)
Today, Louisa will be pink dinosaur!:)

 Yeeeee! I love pink! And i love dinosaurs, too!!

What a fun for both of us! :):)

 And as you can see, face painting is serious job.

 Hm...It's unusual but it can't go without the line, either.

It's almost done, this cute little dinosaur:)
Little rough skin doesn't heart:) 

   And now, the best part-glitter! And more glitter!
Here it is-little pink dinosaur Louisa! 

Even colours of face painting can't hide the happiness of the little heart...

Here it is-complete happiness.
Who could forget this moment?

Happy B-Day Henry!
Thank you!
 Can I be Batman?

Of course Henry, why not?:))

You can be anything you want! Right here, right now:)

On this chair, ALL is possible!
This is a magic chair!

                    And boys are serious and patient, actually very professional, too.

And I have same special touch of glitz for them, too:)
Who said that glamour is only "girl stuff"?!

Look at you-Batman is here!
And what is this?!
My kiss for you:)

Happy B-Day Louise and Henry!:))
Little twins look happy, right?
Must be they are:):)
Thank you!!!
Who is the next, please?
Little green dinosaur! OK.
And many others waiting to be:)))
Can I be next? Can I be next?
You don't need to wait in line-you can go to play and come when is your turn.
No, I want to be next! I want to be next!!!
O o, I am in trouble!:)
Sweat trouble:))

I don't know what is going on with this kids.

They are ALL so still.

And patient.

And speechless...
And fortunately, happy.
Very happy.:))
Just as I am.

Pink dinosaur, please!
And I want pink heart on my hand, too!
No problem, anything you wish...

 And pink heart on my hand! She is still holding her little hand up ready for painting.
Don't worry, you will get it!:)

 And she is still holding her little hand up...
How, sweet...

And still arm is up...

You can relax your hand, don't worry-I am not going to forget pink heart.

Can't believe-I look just as dinosaur!
And I have a blue jewel eye!

Ha, that is fun! Aaaammm. 

 She would be pink dinosaur, too please!
I can't believe, she want to do it-this is her first face painting(2y)!
She never let anybody to do it!
Mom is so excited:) not so bad...'s wet... and soft...

Wow, she is so good.
Of course mom, what you are thinking!

 This brush is not bad either...tickles...

I cant believe!
Mom, she is really professional.

I can't wait to see myself...

You are getting lines, dinosaur!
O.K. Just go ahead...

She is getting eye, too!

O, who is that?
Hm...Is that me?
Yea, little pink dinosaur is here!

Now you can bait as dinosaur! Aaammm!
Aaammm! Yes this is really me!

 I am Pink dinosaur!
Dinosaur seems happy:)

Omg she is ready to bait, too.:))

Everybody come here! Cake!

I would love pink dinosaur, please!:)
Are you sure you want to do it now?
You should have a cake first.
No, thank you!
O.K. You are the boss!:))

Happy B-Day to you...

Happy B-Day to you...

Make a wish Louisa and Henry! Make a wish!

 Fffffff... Ffffffff... Fffffffffff

Who is this?

          Happy dinosaur!

Mmmm...cake is so goood:)


Dinosaurs, face painting, coloring, cake...

 Can't be better:)

And I have fun, too!
We, too!! We, too!




And one for Nova, too.
OMG it's Nova!

Hm... who is here? Hi Batman! Great party!

Yea, thank you for coming:)

Hi, guys! Great party, right? 
Yea, it's very dinosaur like!

 Hm... Let me see.
Sharp tail.

And some are veeery purple!:)
And pink!:)

And some are veeery green!
Must be a boy:)

See you at your Dinosaur Party!!!


Snowflake Fairy B-day party:)


Kala is 5 today:)

She adores Snowflake Fairy:)

So, she become one:)

See you at your Snowflake Fairy Party!!!

            Tiger B-Day party:)

Analise is 4 today!:) 

She likes jungle and tigers:) 


See you at your Tiger Party!!!

Fun in Central Park:)
With Arty duo fantastic:)

Want to have a creative and fun time?
See you!


Amany's 2nd B-Day Party:)


                              Amany & her happy mom:) and happy grandmother:)




See you at your Wish Party!!!

Butterfly Party:)

There are many butterfly's designs...
B-Day girl chooses her favorite design for her B-Day party:)

After kids, moms wish to be a butterfly, too:)

With face painting naturally is coming a pose:)

See you at your Butterfly Party!:)

Princess Party:)
Marygold is Princess for her B-Day:)

             And her all friends, kids and teens:)

 See you at your Princess Party!


Cinderella Party:)
Diana couldn't wait to meet Cinderella for her 6th B-Day:)
OMG, Cinderella is here!
She is so beautiful!
And you are, too:)

I can't believe I am talking to her...
This was a very private talk...

Before the rest of the friends jump in:)
After only few minutes:) 

Godmother is here, too!
She actually helped to put everything together with her magic wand!
And she did the face painting, too!:)

So excited... I am dancing with Cinderella!

 Little Princes Diana and her beautiful Cinderella cake:)


What is sweeter-this cake or their chat?
Diana's dream to meet Cinderella came true.
Happy B-Day Girl:)
Happy family!:)
Happy me!:)
Mission accomplished:)
See you at your Cinderella Party!!!


Thanksgiving Party:)

See you at your Thanksgiving Party!!!


Halloween Fashion Show:)


See you at your Halloween Party!!!
You name it, I will work it out!


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