NYC Face Painting for Kids and Adults

"Happiness is contagious and it starts with you! And your smile!"
"New research shows that happiness is contagious, spreading to friends and neighbors like a virus. You could give the gift of happiness just by being happy!"

Welcome to Happy Faces by Dijana!
The smiles speak for themself!
 Happy faces Dijana

and her daughter Nova, Boy Meets Girl by Stacy Igel, Fashion Show 

Nova with designer Stacy Igel;))

And with actress and her pal Rosario Dawson;))

Stacy's cute niece (5 years old)), Rosario & Nova;))
The stage is only theirs...;))

Happy Faces, Central Park, NYC 

Happy Rainbow Tiger Butterfly;))

Happy Captain America;)) Thank you!!!
Happy Koby Olivas, 4 years old, cutie from Texas, ready for Lion King Broadway Show while waiting for special results-he is 1 of 3 finalists of his age group in Cutest Kid in USA (between 100,000 kids!!!) Prize is car and 7 days cruise!
Good Luck Koby!!!:)))

Very dangerous happy chita;))

1 / 3

Happy, happy little tiger:)
Happy 6 years old from Florida;))
Happy Purple Cat;))
Happy Cat With Flowers;))

Happy Laroc Rainbow Butterflies;))
YOU NEED to hear their father, amazing violinist Lorenzo Laroc!
 Happy Tribal Boy from Italy:)
Happy Isabella, 4 years old;))

Cute 1 year old! Went from crying to becoming a happy Butterfly!;)) Bravo!!!
 Arty duo fantastic:)

Happy Scary Face

ready to be scary;)) Bravo!!!
Happy butterfly:)
Happy Chita;))
Happy 4th B-Day to happy Blossom girl Angelina from Lebanon!;))
Happy sisters Angelina (4) and Melany (11);))
Happy Jessica, 4 years old;)) Thank you for coming back again and again!:))
And now, ACTION!!;))

Jessica you are the star:)) Happy one!
 Jessica with glitter tattoo:)
 Jessica, happy Pink Cat:)


 Jassica, Tiger:)
And little pumpkin:)

Happy Hallo Ketty:)
Very stylish Silver tiger:)
Ready for mirror?
Happy Tiger Butterfly, 4 years old, from L.A.
Happy Princess Amy;))

Happy Batman & Princess;))

And happy Dijana, too;)

Happy face vs. scary Tiger face! going back home to Dubai;))

Sometimes, happiness is speechless...Cute NYC Rainbow Tiger;))

Happy, happy little tiger;)) And happy grandma behind;))

Happy Chiarra, 7 years old;)) Thank you for coming back!:))

Happy little tiger;)) and her mom's best friend from Tokyo, ready for going back home (Japan) tiger;))

Together, we are happier;))
 Happy Little Mermaid:)

Little Princess:)
 Happy orange and artsy:)
Happy little baby with the first face painting:)
Happy Princess:)
Happy dangerous Pirate:)
 Happy siblings:)

Happy preacher who adores tigers and who wanted to be tiger trainer:)

Happy Turtle Ninja;))

Happy Little Butterfly;))

Happy Zebra and Dalmatian dog;)) 12 years ago!!!;))

Happy 3 year old Spider boy;))

Happy Rainbow Spider girls! ;))
Happy Rainbow Unicorn;))

Happy Princess Doll;))

Happy waves;))

Happy Butterfly;))

Happy Batman;))

Happy Rainbow Love Butterfly;))

Beauty comes in all sizes;)) Happy Mini Butterfly;))

Happy Zippy from UK;))
Happy and ready for Saturday night out;))

Happy Princess from UK:)) and her little happy sister Love Rainbow,;))

Happy cute Lady Bug, 3 years old:)) with her happy dad:))

Happy little sisters from Canada;))

Happy NYC Pink Spider Butterfly is dancing around...;))
Thank you for coming back:))

Happy Joker is an amazing little actor;)) Bravo!:))

Happy pirate;)) and his little sister;))
Happy Rachel;))
Happy pose with "artist Dijana";))
Happy dinosaur;))

Happy Red Cat;))

3 Happy friends;))
Happy Pace girl;))

Happy Hello Kitty;)))

Happy little Dinosaur;))

Happy little tiger;))

Happy Troy;))

Happy crocodile;))
Happy Luigi & Mario + Junior;))

Happy Troy and Princess;))

Happy Pink;)) Thank you for coming back!:))

Happy Hello Kitty;))
Happy Green Lantern;))
Happy Iron man, 2 years old;))

Happy Blue;))
Happy Hearts;))

One more happy Iron man, 3 years old;))

Happy Princesses;))
Happy B-day to happy Princess Katherine!!!;))
Happy Angel's Wings, Glitter tattoo:))

Happy 5 year old butterfly from Sweden:))
Thank you for coming back the day after!:))

Happy Shark acting dangerous:))

Happy Snake acting dangerous;))
Happy Batman;))

Happy 3 little sisters;)) Thank you for coming back again!!!:))

And again!!!:))
She loves butterfly! And tiger! Together! And small!!

Happy B-Day boy;))

Happy Princes;))

Happy Rainbow Love;))

Happy flowers;))

Happy sisters;))

Happy Pace Girl;))

Happy Rainbow Hello Kitty;))
Happy flowers;))

Happy Ruby;)) Tank you for coming back!;))
Happy Princess Doll;)) Thank you for coming back:))
Happy sisters;))
Happy Mario;)) and his little sister, 1 year old;))
Happy Mario, again;))

Happy sleeping Spiderweb beauty;)) While I was painting, he was sleeping...;))
Happy sisters;))

Happy Hulk, just acting scary:))
Happy Troy;))

Happy UK girl;))

Happy friends:))
Happy Butterfly and Spider wing;))
Happy Delphine girls;))
Happy Blossom Butterfly;)) And Arty blue;)) Thank you for coming back!:))

Happy Little Rabbit;))

Happy Spider Butterfly;))

Happy Little Mermaid from France:))
And her little sister Rainbow Wave;))

Happy new Superheroes: Ustja;) & Ninja;)

Straight from airport to me - happy little Pink Butterfly from London;))

Happy Rainbow Love;)) Thank you for coming back!:))

Happy Flowers Girl;))

Happy Elmo;))
Thank you for coming back over and over again!;))
Happy Little Angel from Norway;))

Happy Jokers;)) Or just acting scary...;))

Happy NYC Spider boy Sam;))

Happy Little Princesses;))

Happy Blue Mask Girl;))

Happy Lady Bug;))

Happy Little Panda, only 6 months old;)))
Biggest professional ever:))

Happy Little Dragon, only 1 year old:)))
From little tears (on the start of our collaboration) and a little spot on his nose, to big Dragon;)) Bravo!!!
Happy Purple cat, 2 years old;)) Thank you for coming back:))

Happy Boys Butterflies;))

Happy Lady Bugs;))


Happy Butterflies;))


Happy Butterfly, thank you for coming back!:))

Happy coming back for more face painting;)) Thank you!;))
Happy July 4th Butterfly;))
Happy Captain America;)

Happy Captain H;))

Happy Flower Princess;))

Happy Blue Angel;))

Happy Speechless Boy;))

Happy Ninja;))
Happy Rainbow;))

Happy Hello Kitty, again:)) Thank you for coming back!:))

Happy Spider Girl;))

Happy Hello Kitty;) Thank you for coming back over and over again!;)

Happy American Batman and his little brother, Wild Cat;)

Happy faces:))

Happy x 2;))

Happy X 3, ready for Saturdays night out;))

Happy hours with my daughter;))

Happy fireworks;))



My sweet daughter (in 2001) as American Firework Butterfly, I created for July 4:))

See you at your party!

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