Glitter Tattoos

 Everything that glitters isn’t just gold!
It’s you, with your new glitter tattoo-fun new variation of temporary body art that is sweeping the nation! 
Girls, boys, women and men love them! 
These tattoos are custom applied by hand, they are NOT a sticker.  
The appearance of the tattoo is like nothing else you have seen before. 

Designs range from gorgeous and elaborate to simple statement pieces and can be worn on shoulders, upper arms, ankles upper chest and any other please you want to sport a little shine.
There is no age range that doesn’t think this is the way to show just a little extra glam or even rebel.
You can make your design all one color, or choose a rainbow of colors to shade your design and give it that look that will catch an eye anywhere you go.
The best part is that they are long wearing and easy to remove when the time suits.
You can swim and bathe with them so they are perfect for pool parties and company picnics,
Sweet 16, bachelorette parties...

Let bring the sparkling magic to your next event!
These glam designs will add a smile to any face!
Glitter Tattoo FAQ 
Are glitter tattoos safe to apply to all skin types?
All glitter body art products I use are toxic free, hypoallergenic and completely safe for all skin types. I don’t recommend applying any glitter on irritated skin or on an area with a cut or bruise.
Is the glitter tattoo waterproof?
The glitter tattoo should last 7-9 days depending on skin type and maintenance. They are typically waterproof, as long as you don’t rub them when they are wet and keep lotions and alcohol based products away from them until you are ready to remove them.

A shower or bath won’t take them off. Just pat dry after spending time in the water. While in shower or bath – try not to scrub the glitter tattoo too harshly as it will shorten its lifetime.

How to remove the glitter tattoo?
Please don't scratch the children tattoos as you might irritate the skin. Simply use alcohol swab or oil based products (baby oil) and soak the glitter tattoo area for few minutes. After soaking, gently scrub the glitter tattoo with a damp towel and it should come off easily.
See you at your Glitter Tattoo Party!!!


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