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“Mighty contribution to the presented dreamland is the creation of masks, which author Dijana Mesin, is obviously ready for a fairy magic of the transforming physiognomies… Definitely very impressive theatre…”
Anatolij Kudrjavcev, Slobodna Dalmacija, May 8, 1997 (Croatia)
“Thanks to the ultra violet lighting and new make up technique of Dijana Mesin, the illusion is perfect…”
Sylvie Geromey, Recontres Theatrales De Lion, March, 1998 (France)
“Only Lukas was completely different and outstanding thanks to creation of artist Dijana Mesin…That is why he receivedThe Best Stage Performance Award...”
Rikard Marusic, Slobodna Dalmacija, April, 1998 (Croatia)
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Dear Dijana,
We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for leading the way for us and our children in these enchanted pathways. You lit up our community with perservance and energy well beyond anyone’s expectations. Part of you will always remain in our hearts and in our memories.
With cherished fondness sincerely
Mladenka, Malissa and Orlando
(After The First Croatian Kids Festival, NYC)

June, 2012

You did amazing Work!!
Thank you!

6. 2012
Hi Dijana!
Thank you again for the grat painting and good luck!
BR Anatoly

Jun 11/12

Subject: Thank you

Thanks so much for painting my daughters faces yesterday. They loved it and look so beautiful. Even today they don’t want to wash their faces and want to wear the face painting to school. My oldest daughter said it “has always been my dream to be on a face painting poster.” I told her you would make that dream come true. You can e-mail anything to me here.Thanks again. You made my daughters day yesterday.
Marc I.

Jun 17 2012

Subject: Rainbow girl
Hi Dijana,
Thank you do much for your time ant artistry today. You made a little girl very happy, and might I add, put a few smiles on a lot of other people that saw her throughout the day.
Thanks again,

Trinity & Suzi

August 6 2012

Thanks for making Cayla's fantasy a lovely summer and a joyful kitty cat. God bless you ah- thousand times.

August 2012
Hi Dijana,
Attached is the picture of Sam with the Spider man face paint you did last month.
Thank you for an amazing job. His parents really loved your work!
Best of luck in what ever you do:)
Francesca F.
Sep 23.2012

Subject: Lady bag

Hi Dijana,
This is Erez, Daphne's dad - you painted the most magnificent lady bug for Daphne yesterday. It really made Daphne's day, she was happy about it all day long.
Best regards,
Oct. 13.2012

Subject: Glitter tattoo

Hi Dijana.
Now we are back home with lots of nice memories. I am sending you some links to pictures of Eira and her tattoo. It made her trip. Thank you so much :)
Love, Christina and Eira
Oslo, Norway
September 23.2012
Dear Dijana Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.
You bring joy and beauty into this world with your talent and creativity. Thank you for making my b-day celebration so special!

Feb. 5.2013
When I was planning a birthday for my 4-year-old twins, I knew there
was only one person I wanted to do the face painting & that was Dijana
Mesin. The first time I saw her work (in Central Park), I was
extremely impressed. Dijana goes above and beyond your average face
painting for kids. She is totally unique because she uses fine art
techniques—all totally kid-friendly, of course—that create amazing,
colorful designs of animals, superheroes, dinosaurs, you name it. She
has a great eye for design (probably because of her extensive art
background) and is completely, warm and welcoming with kids. I highly
recommend her!

Meredith R.

June, 4 2014

"I give Dijana my highest recommendation. Her face painting is artistic and original -- beautiful for children and adults alike. She is warm and enthusiastic, making a personal connection with the children as she works. She is responsive, communicative and generous and would be a wonderful addition to any party!"
Elizabeth A.


See you at your party!



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